Tips to Help Elderly Individuals Stay Calm While Flying

Tips to Help Elderly Individuals Stay Calm While Flying

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans 2020At 65 or older, you don’t obviously don’t have much to do and your schedule is not that tight to deny you a chance to travel the world. You might desire to go on a vacation abroad, which means that you have to fly. But what if you have a phobia of flying? Or what if you normally experience anxiety when it comes to flying? Based on research, more than 10% of people have a phobia of flying, and more than 25% of people often experience anxiety when they are travelling by air. Whether you have a phobia of flying or you are those senior citizens who experience some level of anxiety when flying, you can still travel the world and holiday wherever you want to provided you learn and master the art of staying calm during air travel. The following tips can help you keep calm whenever you are travelling on a plane.

  • Avoid the fine details

Air disasters do occur once in a while. Whenever that happens, don’t seek for too much information. Just get the basic information about the disaster. For instance, avoid any graphic details on social media or in the news. In other words, too much information about air disaster can increase your anxiety and make you develop a phobia for air travel.

  • Feel good about the statistics

At least 3 million people globally travel by air every day, and aeroplanes take off after every two seconds somewhere in the world. Besides, air travel is approximately 22 times safer compared to travelling by car. These statistics should make you feel good. Learning about good statistics will make you want to choose flying as your most preferred mode of transport.

  • Choose the seats on the wing

May be it is the idea of turbulence that is making you terrified. If that is the case, then you should book a seat on the plane’s wing. The wing of the plain is the most stable part, and you won’t feel the turbulence that much as you would if you book a seat in the back of the plane.

  • Find something to read

Whether it’s a book, a flyer or a magazine, read it as soon as you get into the plane. Reading will divert your focus and attention and it will help you keep your mind away from the flight. It is your time to travel the world. Traveling is the best way to enjoy your twilight years. So, apply the above tips and get fear out of your way. Enjoy flying and take a United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 with you and find one here