4 financial plans for after retirement

4 financial plans for after retirement

There are those who during their working life used their savings from the housing sub-account to buy a house and, when they reach 60 or 65 years of age, they will receive a pension, plus the money they accumulated in their afore. Those who did not buy a house will also receive the amount accumulated in their housing sub-account. Here we present 4 financial plans for after retirement which will surely help you after your retirement.

  1. Hire an investment fund:

In the market, there are different investment funds that offer to put your money to work in the short term, with daily, weekly or monthly liquidity in a conservative profile. In case of a health emergency, with these funds of quick liquidity, the investor can dispose of his money the following day or the following week.

  1. Life insurance with an investment component:

If you are hiring this instrument, you must be convinced that you do not need the money in the next 5 or 10 years. He or she will be working and generating returns so that at the end of the period it returns to you with interest. The advantage of this insurance is that if you end up dying the money is given to your successors or economic dependents and, if you are still alive, you will be given a modest return.

  1. Purchase of real estate:

The constructions with the passage of time increase their value. Buying a land, a home or a place could generate monthly rent in the future. It is a tangible investment and at sight, you can see and touch it.

  1. Arm your retirement plan B:

Since you chose the instrument in which you will deposit your money, it does not matter if it is in insurance or investment funds.If the money you have is not enough for the years that you think you can live, you can opt for the reverse mortgage scheme, in this financial product a bank buys your house and pay you a monthly rent, in the manner of a pension. The financial institution will take over the house when you die. We are offering one more suggestion get 2019 medicare advantage plans ono the site https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org
If you receive a pension, do not spend it all and generate monthly savings. At the end of the year with that money, you could go on vacation. If they give you $ 10,000, spend 8,000 and save 2,000.